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23 Nov 2010 Milk Jug Elephant Valentine Box, , SouthGates :: Leading provider of Web hosting , Domain registration, Candy Box Porcelain-Candy Box

Box Cars Craft for Kids with Milk Jugs - With a few materials and a little imagination, you can make box cars like a race car, a sports car,

Empty the candies from the boxes. Insert a picture to show through the cellophane window. We recycled a gallon milk jug for our Valentine mailboxes .

Wrap milk jug lids in aluminum foil, then glue lids on box in front, along bottom as Visit our Valentine's Day section for fun crafts, great recipes,

Valentine's Day: Valentine heart frame. Valentine cards. “Bee-Mine” Valentines Milk jug (elephant, alligator, wolf, etc.) *. Foam half-masks School binder cover. Make your own stamps. Gift tag assortment. Gift bags or boxes

soda bottles, tissue boxes, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, milk jugs, 路 Spider - cover a milk carton with black paper, make legs by accordion To make an elephant's trunk or giraffe's neck glue small paper cups together.

6 Jan 2011 Q. What kind of flowers do you never give on Valentine's Day? A. Cauliflowers! Q. What did the elephant say to his girlfriend? Pass the mittens and shoe box to the next person in line, sit down, eat your tootsie roll. Fill the rest of the milk jug with milk so that it's almost full.

Robert E Gosslin Pattern Maker - made of a tissue box, available at Pattern - valentine elephant : simple elephant: boy elephant: elephant sitting: elephant O'Lantern Patterns : Milk Jug O'Lantern Pumpkin : Pumpkins from Dryer

Valentines box for valentines day we bought red heart boxes. Elephants can be made by adding an accordion strip of paper with a heart on The other is simply a large milk carton cut down, and painted or covered with red paper.

Craft: Milk Jug Game (primary/elem) [Preview]. Instructions for a milk jug game, including how to build all the parts. Games to Go (Large Dot Box) · Games to Go (Small Dot Box) · Maze: Birds 2 (easy) Coloring Page: Valentines (set 4, 5 pages) Memory Game: Elephant Seals · Memory Game: Landmarks

Wrap milk jug lids in aluminum foil, then glue lids on box in front, along bottom as Visit our Valentine's Day section for fun crafts, great recipes,

Once such item, the lowly milk jug, is versatile and fun. Imagine an elephant with a big, long trunk. What to include in a toddler art box · Traditional New Year crafts for kids · How to write video game reviews homemade Valentine's Day party hats · Kid's crafts: How to make a Valentine card holder

3 Sep 2010 Valentine's Box 1 coins. Building. Valentine Gifting. Valentine These are: Milk Jug, Cowprint Potty, Cowprint Barn, Cowprint Shed, and the Cowprint Gifting Decoration, File:Baby Elephant-icon.png. Baby Elephant

Party Your Art Out!. Milk Jug Elephant Valentine Box.

19 Aug 2009 Baby elephant, exactly. You can send this to your friends in 48 hours only starting today. 2 new gifts : Milk jug and Starfruit tree. 1 new building : Valentine's box. 9 new decorations (Valentine themed) : 5

Plastic milk jug; Construction paper; Markers; Glue; Fabric scaps. Pipe cleaners ; Modeling clay; String Add paper window boxes or business signs.

Easy to make printable Elephant Mailbox for Valentine's Day - great for. Milk Jug Elephant Valentine Box Elephant Puppet Craft. Make this elephant puppet

'Happy Valentine's Day' Diamond Box with Assorted Milk Jug Elephant Valentine Box Glue the tissue boxes to the soda can . Add pipe stem cleaner antennae and

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